Vic Perillo


"Fall in love with the story. The rest will take care of itself."

Vic Perillo
Writer, Producer, Lecturer


Vic Perillo is a Veteran of the Entertainment Industry.


Mr. Perillo attended


• THE HB STUDIO, Directors program

At THE ACTORS STUDIO he worked with Gordon Phillips on studio projects:
• Marathon 33

• The Baby Elephant

Mr. Perillo was an AFTRA Union representative for 10 years in New York.

He established the first AFTRA SHOWCASE, which led to the establishment of the current AFTRA SAG showcases. He was assigned to NBC and is thoroughly familiar with actors rights and working condition rules.

Mr. Perillo was a Theatrical Talent Agent in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles, where he owned the Victor Perillo Talent Agency.

He represented Child actor Gary Coleman (Different Strokes) and produced 7 movies of the week for NBC with Gary Coleman.

In addition to Gary he placed and represented more than 12 actors for Daytime television. Included in the list was Kim Zimmer (three time daytime Emmy winner).

The Center for the Trained Professional Performer
Mr. Perillo established this non profit organization to provide a place where trained and gifted actor graduates from University, College and Conservatory training can be showcased to major T.V. Network, film company and theater casting directors and producers.

This would be centered in a National Actors Convention composed of only actors who have trained at theater programs in the USA.


Mr. Perillo produced TV movies and feature films starring Garry Coleman, as well as:
• Pilots for television

• The Rev, produced in Vancouver B.C

• Discreet Services


Mr. Perillo has written articles for The Soul of The American Actor, a New York Published newspaper for actors.

He has just completed a book titled "The Actor and the Craft of Acting Held Hostage".

He is currently in pre production for The LAMBERT CHRONICLES, a WWII Feature film written by him.

Mr. Perillo has conducted more than 400 lectures workshops free of charge at Universities, Colleges, and Conservatories in the past 40 years. He is a regular yearly speaker at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, The New School for Drama, for their graduate students.

A representative short list of theater schools where Mr. Perillo has conducted Lectures and seminars.


• The New School for Drama, New York

• The American Academy of Dramatic Arts, New York

• Southern Methodist Univ., Dallas

• Northwestern theatre School, Chicago, Ill

• National Theatre Conservatory, Denver Colo

• Emerson College, Boston, Mass

• Boston Conservatory of Music, Boston, Mass

• The National Theater Conservatory, Montreal, Canada