Vic Perillo


"Fall in love with the story. The rest will take care of itself."

Vic Perillo
Writer, Producer, Lecturer



The seminar is titled ‘Theatrical Justice’.
The lecture I give is based on my observations and experiences in the 20 years I have worked as a talent agent as well as 10 years as an actor’s rep with AFTRA, as well as producing movies of the week for my former client Gary Coleman.


It is a spirited talk to encourage the theatre trained actor to always maintain the integrity of the craft of acting as well as their own integrity. I try to inspire young actors trained at theatre schools and theatre programs not to allow the casting system of America to categorize them as ‘green’ or ‚beginners’ because they have no experience. The fact is that training is experience.


A Peripheral system has been controlling the craft of acting for many decades. Every passing year the producers, Film and television executives and the entire body of talent buyers are becoming people with no theatrical background. The artist actor director, and producer has been held hostage from practicing the true craft. The present day system has contaminated the casting system and the system which celebrated new writers and their magnificent plays. The present system in place denies craftsman daily as we become victimized by the ‘Reality Show demonized industry, leaving actors and art of acting imprisoned. This is not ‘just my observation’ it is a fact and never spoken about for fear of offending our possible employers.


I speak to this subject with proof based on experience. In addition I provide a solution and a way to the young actor. Coming into the combined industries of film television and theater can turn this around and preserve the integrity of the craft in the future.


I give a short history of the state of the industry, film television and the theater from a time in the 50s and sixties, when theater conservatories and theater programs at universities and colleges were the only places a theater student could learn his craft. Today short cut to success once a week acting classes have sadly diminished the quality of acting training in America. Individuals are teaching the methods of Stanislavski and Meisner with two hour once a week sessions, when in fact the true training of these systems were in conservatory six days a week 8 to 12 hours a day.



The over all intent of the lecture is to encourage the serious trained actor to stay in the main production centers of New York and Los Angeles and not believe:
• that they are only capable of being film actors, television actors, stage actors.
• that no one should categorize them.
• that ‘Acting is Acting” and to believe otherwise is to deny the actor of employment in all fields.


This is a speech about encouraging the young trained actor to never allow anyone to kill their spirit. There is a system in power today in film television and theater that hold craftsman and the art of acting hostage and has been for decades. I believe that every graduating class from Juilliard, American Academy, and all the fine theater schools and conservatories are the answer in bringing talent and craftsman back into the industries. We have lost thousands of acting jobs in television, when the television reality shows came into existence.


I have not been just complaining about the above plights I have created a non profit organization called the Center for The Trained Professional Performer whose goal is to enlighten and make producers and talent buyers aware of the great gifted actors coming out of the training schools. This has been accomplished by productions in the USA and more recently in Vancouver BC Canada of live showcases of actors from these schools. I will discuss this program at the lecture. The participation in the showcases for the actor is free.


The lectures last about 45 minutes to an hour with questions afterward from the students.

This is not a lecture about acting technique or audition technique.
I will, however answer questions about all inquiries the students have.